Computing operations and writing back to the database
After retrieving data from the mySQL database, missing entries (NULL in the database, and NaN in the local Matlab file) can be computed using TS_Compute, and stored back to the database using SQL_store. These functions are described below.

Performing calculations using TS_Compute

Values retrieved using SQL_Retrieve (to the local HCTSA.mat file) that have not previously been calculated are evaluated using TS_Compute, as described here. These results can then be inspected directly (if needed), or simply written back to the database using SQL_store, as described below.

Writing calculations back to the database using SQL_store

Once calculations have been performed using Matlab on local files, the results must be written back to the database. This task is performed by SQL_store, which reads the data in HCTSA.mat, checks that the metadata still matches the database, and then begins updating the Output, Quality, and CalculationTime columns of the Results table in the mySQL database. This can be done by simply running:
Depending on database latencies, this can be a relatively slow process, up to 20-25 s per time series, updating each row in the Results table individually using mySQL UPDATE statements. However, the delay in this step means that the computation can be distributed across multiple compute nodes, and that stored data can be indexed and retrieved systematically. Keeping results in local Matlab files can be extremely inefficient, and can indeed be untenable for large datasets.